Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lewis, Trowbridge, Westbrook - TEH plot / December 18, 2009-January 22, 2010 / FPAC Boston

TEH: plot, at the FPAC

TEH is a common typographical error and refers to a collaborative art and technology group with interests in research, displaced communication, simulation, nature/culture, and geography. TEH involves Phillip Andrew Lewis, Adam Trowbridge, and Jessica Westbrook. TEH projects are built using semantic visual cues (iconic and charged, often sculptural and/or video components), and interactive pieces that expand upon ideas through sensory/participatory elements. Beyond the internal negotiations of collaboration, the process often incorporates site-sentive research, so that the work is made in direct response to the place in which it will live. TEH is currently examining weather as a shared experience/vocabulary, and presents this research through installation and technologically mediated experience.

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